Monthly Archives: June 2007

Bridging the class divide

Following the creation of both MySpace and Facebook accounts for myself over the last week I was very interested to read this article from Danah Boyd: Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace which has also been picked up by the BBC. While I don’t know if there’s a similar distinction in the U.K.,… Read more »

Hiding content for image replacement

One of the most valuable tools in a web designers arsenal is the ability to replace text with images, of course in a graceful way. That technique is exactly what makes the CSS Zen Garden layouts work. Thanks to NickFitz we now know the right way to do this (and why the wrong way may… Read more »

From 4 to 5; a seismic shift in HTML

Further to my thoughts a few months back on the propsed specification for HTML5 (it was even commented on by a genuine web heavyweight). Well, the whole issue isn’t going away so I thought I’d bring my measly mind to bear on this fascinating subject again. First, a quick explanation. I say “fascinating” because this… Read more »

As time goes by

It’s been all quiet on the blogging front recently, not least because last week I celebrated my thirtieth birthday. Most people, even those that know me quite well, can’t believe I’ve only just reached 30 as obviously I look a lot older than that. And having seven children between my wife and I tends to… Read more »