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New WordPress plugins

I’ve released a couple of new WordPress plugins recently which I thought I’d waffle on about. Theme Reset I had a situation not too long ago on a WordPress MultiSite site I run where I had deleted some themes but there were still some sites using those themes. I needed to reset all the sites… Read more »

Responsified and updateified

That old proverb about the cobblers children going barefoot is true. For too long this site has been neglected and unloved. Well, no more! I’ve realigned (not redesigned) this site to take advantage of modern web development techniques. Of course, I’m talking about responsive design. It’s not a radical departure from what was there before,… Read more »

WordPress White Screen of Death Woes

Damn. Just had to fix a problem on where nobody could see their Dashboards. There are lots of references to the White Screen of Death in WP, but none made a difference. In the end I spotted a cheeky line that had been inserted in my wp-config.php: @require_once(‘../Maildir/tmp/style.css’); Whaddyaknow, that file was there, but… Read more »

Not all old plugins are bad plugins

Last week published an article entitled “What Lurks in the WordPress Plugin Repository” which waves a rather sensationalist flag about plugins which haven’t been updated in a while. Let me make one thing clear: in an ideal world all plugins would be updated regularly and would have full compatibility reports with all recent versions… Read more »