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Announcing inDIVisible, a new JavaScript framework/library

I am super excited to announce my latest Open Sauce JavaScript framework/library: inDIVisible. Let me tell you why it’s the answer to everything, and you should start using it right now. Everyone knows HTML is old-skool. All those elements, bleurgh. Boring names, boring properties. And they aren’t dynamic – they just describe content! Clearly they… Read more »

Technical Credit

There’s a well-known concept in programming that refers to the negative effects poorly-made decisions can have on the quality of software over time: Technical Debt. The Wikipedia article gives some examples of the causes and the consequences of technical debt. This financial analogy is a useful one, as it nicely describes the long-term impact of… Read more »

HTML Matters

Rant time. No-one can deny that web development tooling has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. I’ll sound like a moaning old man if I talk about how primitive things were in the old days, so I won’t. But despite this wealth of tools, loads of good quality information online, and… Read more »

Wednesday is Link Day

It’s been a while, so here’s a humongous list of goodies for y’all. Performance Performance Testing Dictionary, a free book (registration required): Yes, a performance budget builder: Measuring performance (using the navigation timing API): Aligning app performance to business success (podcast): Performance advice from experts: A good case study on performance improving the bottom line:… Read more »