2006 is just around the corner…

And what will it mean for web design and development? 2005 was a big year, the year that AJAX hit the headlines, the year Firefox got popular, the year Microsoft jumped on the CSS and RSS bandwagons. And a whole lot more besides, of course.

Andy Budd, one of the Brit Pack elite, has jotted down his predictions for 2006. I don’t pretend to be any great expert, but I’m sure that RSS will hit the big time, with more and more services for people to get useful info by XML in their email readers. What else will happen, time only knows. If 2005 is anything to go by, 2006 will be pretty amazing.

Out and about (14:08 pm)…

Business idea (from K): allow car radios to pick up the audio from TV channels. That way you can keep up with the X-Factor, even when driving! Genius.

Out and about (18:04 pm)…

Phew! That was a busy day. Two bits of advice for you. 1: learn about the wonderful HTML

element. 2: don't forget important passwords. *sigh*

Beautiful sites…

Two sites have floored me with their beauty recently.

Sonspring.com have opened access to their Mint statistics, and while I’d seem some screenshots of this remarkable system from Shaun Inman, the real thing is absolutely wonderful.

Jared Christiensen is a designer of not inconsiderable talent. His site may be pink, but it sure ain’t wussy. And no doubt his gorgeous design had something to do with him getting on the 9Rules network. Well done Jared.


Starting your own company is a duanting prospect. But fortunately, there is plenty of help out there. It seems to me the things you need are:

  • A lot of drive, passion and guts
  • A really good idea (or two, or three)
  • A sensible approach (read a lot, expect things to be tough)
  • A bit of luck

It certainly isn’t for everyone.