Real World Semantics…

John Allsop, creator of the Style Master CSS editor, has been exploring. He has just published the results of his real world semantics – a study of class and ID names in the wild.

It makes interesting reading, showing up us lazy web developers using non-semantic names (“white”, “sidebar”) more often than perhaps we should. However, it also raises a very interesting idea – look at the first few comments – namely that if a standardised naming convention were adopted, stylesheets would be interchangeable between websites. A lot like the CSS Zen Garden has done in a small way.

This is an idea I explored a little while ago, but I was looking just at RSS feeds and feed readers. The possibilities of not just having interoperable data through web services and XML, but having interoperable layout styles through CSS, is a very exciting one. Just imagine making your own Amazon or Ebay online shop; pick the categories you want to show, choose a stylesheet from the list, click “Publish” and there’s your completed website. Fantastic.

The One True Layout…

There are some things that really frustrate a CSS designer. Not having enough coffee, the fact that there are people much better than me at CSS, having columns in any order independent of source code order, and making columns equal height no matter how much content they have in them.

However, there is now an answer to some of those frustrations. The nice people called Holly and John at Position is Everything have worked long and hard, scaling the giddy heights and plumbing the murky depths of browser incompatibilities to bring us the One True Layout.

Now there is one Layout to rule them all. And not an orc in sight!

Ooh, before I go, I really must draw your attention to this fantastic CSS Zen Garden submission by Andrew Brundle. Just scroll the page slowly downwards and be amazed.

Out and about (11:20 am)…

I just had a thought; there are a lot of similarities between the fair trade and web standards movements. In essence they are both making a better world.