Client: Computers Unlimited

I have worked with Computers Unlimited, a local I.T. firm, for several years, developing and enhancing their site as they became more and more aware of the power of the internet. The site is run from a database which Computers Unlimited keep updated daily with the latest prices, and a full e-commerce system is in use on the site. Customers can view all their orders using the simple “My Account” system, and the website has proven to be a valuable part of the business.

I have also written functions that allow Computers Unlimited to control other aspects of the site, rather than just a product list. Products can be set as special offers, which shows them on every page, and page titles and information given to search engines can be customised for each product, product category or sub-category.

The site is fully standards-compliant, running from a fast MySQL database, and has many powerful functions in place. There is also talk of many more features being added to the site, to enable customers of Computers Unlimited to track their orders and items. Watch this space.