WordPress, WordPress MU and BuddyPress plugins

Most of the sites I develop are built on the wonderful Wordpress platform. Its advanced plugin architecture means you can extend the software to do pretty much anything you want a website to do.

I've written a series of plugins for Wordpress which I'm happy to give away, in the hope that firstly they may help someone like me, and secondly that people who need a Wordpress guru will find me.

So, without further ado, I give you my Wordpress plugins:


Check Email

Check & Log email allows you to test if your WordPress installation is sending emails correctly by sending a test email to an address of your choi …

Child Themes

Create a child theme really easily from any installed theme.

Database Browser

Easily query and browse tables in your database, and download in XML, JSON, CSV, SQL and HTML format

Demo Data Creator

Demo Data Creator is a Wordpress and BuddyPress plugin that allows a Wordpress developer to create demo users, blogs, posts, comments and more.

Performer – JavaScript without the code

Personal Welcome

Personal Welcome is a Wordpress plugin that allows site administrators to create and send personalised welcome messages to new users.

Plugin Register

For Wordpress plugin developers: keep a register of when and where your plugins are activated.

Secure Invites for WordPress MU

Secure Invites is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to only allow invited people to sign up.

Simple User Admin

Simple user admin is a WordPress MultiSite plugin that gives site administrators a simpler interface to manage blogs and users.

Sitewide Newsletters

Sitewide Newsletters is a Wordpress MU plugin that allows site administrators to send an email message to all users.

Theme Reset

Resets the theme for all sites in a MultiSite network.

VoucherPress – a WordPress plugin for creating downloadable, printable vouchers

VoucherPress is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to give downloadable, printable vouchers/coupons in PDF format away on your site.


Wibstats is a Wordpress plugin that gives each blog in a Wordpress, Wordpress MU or BuddyPress installation their own visitor statistics.

WordPress Theme Browser

Show off the themes available for blogs in your Wordpress MultiSite with a simple shortcode in any post or page.

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