Experiment: CSS Gantt chart

One of the ideas I have for my open-source project management system is to provide Gantt charts for tasks and projects. I’m not a big believer in charts for charts sake, they have to do something really useful for me to get hooked on them. I’m more interested in helping people commnicate with each other, rather than just interact with data.

Gantt charts, despite their relationship to certain well-known project management packages, are great. Visual, packing loads of useful data into a tiny space (who? when? how long?). But, and here’s the rub, how to do it in HTML. I’ve been experimenting and come up with a solution which seems to work for me.

There are three examples:

Take a look, and if this proves useful to you then great. Drop me a line if you end up using this technique, I’d love to see it in action. And, of course, when I have some spare time I’ll be putting this into projectGenie.

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