Songs without words

Here are ideas for songs, however most of them have no or very few lyrics. “Full” songs (i.e. there are least verse and chorus sections with a melody idea) are at the top. Scroll down for random snippets of other ideas.

Full song ideas

Bluesy Rock

Lyrics (below) started based on the October 2021 ‘Psalms’ challenge, but I’m not sure it’s going in the right direction.

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Verse 1
God of the homeless
God of the needy and oppressed
God of the ones who find no rest _ _ _
Why are You distant?
Why do you hide Your mighty hand?
Do you not see or understand _ _ _

Pre-chorus 1
Hear their cries
See how the evil multiples
Darkness surrounds on every side
Where is the saving God?

God, we pray that Your kingdom come
We pray that Your will be done
O God bring justice for us now

Verse 2
God of the stranger
God of the lonely refugee
(that’s as far as I’ve got)


Not sure about this one, it’s lovely to play on a guitar but the melody idea isn’t great.

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Elements of this I’m pretty pleased with, but there are aspects of the melody where I’m struggling for the right notes.

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It doesn’t groove as much as I would like because this recording is a little slow!

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Pop Rock

Maybe one for a youth service.

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Pop Soul

I wrote this after listening to Corinne Bailey Rae.

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Gentle Groove

Laid-back groove with electric piano. Gets quite big at the end.

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Incomplete ideas and experiments with no melody


A quick funky groove inspired by Tower of Power.

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Laid back, chilled, soulful, a bit funky.

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My attempt at trying to write something Sting would write.

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Pedal Piano

An experiment. This has the same pedal bass notes all the way through.

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Moody Keys

Chilled, kinda lo-fi.

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