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As We Come Into Your Presence (Be Glorified)

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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This corporate song was written to be used as a congregation gathers, and asks that through everything we do – singing, praying, confessing, dedicating ourselves, celebrating communion – that God would be glorified in it all.


Verse 1
As we come into Your presence
Lord, change us
As we raise our song to heaven
Lord, hear us
As we lift our hands in worship, as we humbly come to You
Lord be glorified

Verse 2
As we bring to You our failings
Forgive us
As we turn again to follow
Restore us
As we bring our prayers before you, as we dedicate our lives
Lord be glorified

You're the centre of our lives
The prize for all our searching
You're the true and living God
Who satisfies our yearning
Be glorified
Lord be glorified in us
Be glorified
Lord be glorified in us

Verse 3
As we celebrate our freedom
Renew us
As we ask You for Your Spirit
Lord, fill us
As we live a life of worship, as we show Your love to all
Lord be glorified