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Down All The Years (Give Us A Song)

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  • 12 Song Challenge
  • Hope
  • Revival
  • Uncertainty

Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Verse 1
Down all the years your hand has held and guided
Carried your people, shown us where to go
Now in this season all is uncertain
Lord we pray for something more

Give us a song of hope
Give us the eyes of faith
Give us the fire to see your kingdom come
Show us the paths to take
Show us your heart of grace
Lord let your kingdom come

Verse 2
Lord we give thanks for those who came before us
People of faith who kept the flame alive
Now we're the ones who carry the message
Hope for people of our time

When I think of what you've done, I can hardly take it in
That you sacrificed your Son to save me from my sin
That you called my by my name, and made me like a son
And you've given me a place in your kingdom

You are the Lord and you reign on high, reign on high