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Every Heartbeat

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Every Heartbeat is a pop-praise song of gratitude for God’s faithfulness and mercy. I am thrilled to have some excellent musicians join me on this recording: Chloe Rose on vocals, Phillip Laycock on keys, and Phil Johnson on bass.


Verse 1
Every sunrise, with the first light
You give mercy for every day
Every trouble, all our stumbles
You forgive as we turn and pray

Pre-chorus 1
Every step of the way
You guide us in perfect truth
Every hour of the day
We lift up our hearts to You
Only You

Every heartbeat's a gift of grace
A blessing from the God who saves
Every breath is a prayer of praise
We lift our hands, we stand amazed at Your mercy

Verse 2
Every nation, all creation
Will be gathered to worship You
Every sinner, mercy given
Through Your blood we will be renewed

Pre-chorus 2
Every saint will bow down
And worship the God of grace
We will raise up a shout
And lift up a song of praise
All our days

Every heartbeat's a gift of grace
Every breath is a prayer of praise