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Everybody (Who Of Us Has Never Been In Need)

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  • Mercy
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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Written for the ‘Refugee’ month challenge for the Resound Worship 12 Song Challenge, June 2023. The wonderful Sue Crossman from Hopestream Worship provided vocals. This song reminds us that we have all been people in need, and if we follow Jesus’ example we will treat those we see in need as he did.


Verse 1
Everybody's someone's daughter
Everybody's someone's son
Everybody loved by Jesus
Everyone a child of God

Verse 2
Everybody seeking safety
Everybody needing love
Everyone deserving freedom
Everyone a child of God

We will be the welcome that our brothers long for
We will be the refuge that our sisters seek
We will open hearts and hands in love
For who of us has never been in need

Verse 3
We are called to show compassion
Show the grace that's shown to us
Powered by the Spirit's fire
Loving every child of God

Final chorus
Jesus died for us though we did not deserve it
Jesus rose again to set our spirits free
We will live and work as Jesus did
And show his love when people are in need