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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Written for the Resound Worship 12 Song Challenge in January 2024, this is a song which aims to make everyone feel welcome and part of a family of faith, as well as declare why we have gathered.


Verse 1
Everyone come and leave your fears behind
You are welcome, the doors are open wide
Come and see that God loves you as His child
Everyone, everywhere, loved by the King

Verse 2
We're adopted into His family
Born again to a new reality
Where the love of the Father sets us free
Everyone, everywhere, living for Him

We are, we are, a family
We live, we live, in certainty
He lives, He lives!
And our praise will ring through all eternity

Verse 3
If you feel like your life's impossible
Bring your cares to the God of miracles
For his power is uncontainable
Everyone, everywhere, known by the King

Verse 4
Bring your pain and your worries to the cross
Jesus died for the very least of us
He will welcome the lost and broken ones
Everyone, everywhere, gathered in Him

So we have come to praise
The God of grace
Lift His name on high
And we have come to give
All we offer Him
Our heart and our lives