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I Come In Need Of Saving Grace

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  • Faith
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude

Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Originally written in around 1995 as “I Come Before Your Throne Of Grace”. Lots of help with lyrics from Donald Carvel.


Verse 1
I come in need of saving grace
And find You waiting patiently
Although I've been so far away
Your arms of love encircle me
I come before You poor and weak
I stand before You as I am
Yet I am welcomed tenderly
You hold me in Your mighty hand

Verse 2
Within my heart there burns a flame
Though sometimes it is cold and dim
You call this wayward child by name
And bid me come and enter in
Your perfect grace is all I need
There is no other way to You
Your gentle mercy strengthens me
You guide me in the way of truth

Verse 3
How can I know such depth of love
A love prepared to die for me
My darkest shame is washed away
By mercy deeper than the sea
So now I praise Your holy name
The risen King who set me free
I bow before Your throne of grace
And worship for eternity