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Incredible God

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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This song started off an an experiment with some synth sounds, and once the lyrics were started it came together pretty quickly. It is the first song I recorded featuring vocals by Chloe Rose, another amazing songwriter and musician from the Resound Worship 12 Song Challenge group.


Verse 1
Incredible God, high over everything
The oceans are Yours
The rivers and mountains sing
The stars cry out Your name
You will make creation whole again

Verse 2
Extravagant God, pure creativity
The author of life
The song of eternity
In You all life sustained
You will give our spirits hope again

Pre-chorus 1
Everything made by You
History held within Your hand
Each of Your children part of Your plan

Holy, wonderful glorious God
You are worthy
All of the praise and the honour are Yours

Verse 3
Magnificent God, reigning in majesty
The saviour of souls
The giver of liberty
To You we lift our praise
You will bring Your people home again

Pre-chorus 2
Each of us held by You
Father of love and light and truth
All of creation gathered in You