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I’ve Been Lost

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  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
  • Revival

Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Verse 1
I’ve been lost,
I wandered far and could not see the truth
Light the way for me
Lord I pray
My every step will bring me close to You
Help me to believe

You were crucified and died
Opened arms of mercy wide
Gave everything for me

Send your Spirit, Lord
Pour Your Spirit over me
Breathe Your life into these barren bones
Wash my sin away
Make my heart as pure as snow
Lord I want to live for You alone

Verse 2
When the days
Of life are spent and Heaven calls me home
I'll walk your narrow way
I will not fear
To bow in worship at Your holy throne
And praise You endless days

O God, You have seen what I have done
I need Your loving mercy
Change me, for You see what I’ve become
My Father please forgive me