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Maker Of The Universe

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  • 12 Song Challenge
  • Gratitude
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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Verse 1
Maker of the universe
Spanning galaxies
Infinite, the endless one
Yet friend to all in need

How can this be?
The King of eternity hung on a tree
The Saviour, rejected yet offering peace
His kindness is sure, his mercy endures
A friend to the lost and the least

Verse 2
Timeless long before all time
Love without an end
Holy God, the perfect one
A true and faultless friend

Verse 3
Faithful in the darkest trial
Suffered thorns and nails
Through the pain and sacrifice
The friend who never fails

Wonderful, glorious, powerful God
You reign, You reign
Beautiful, holy one, king over all
You reign forevermore