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Making All Things New

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  • 12 Song Challenge
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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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When sorrow struck our fragile world
Turmoil all around
We could not see the path ahead
We found no solid ground
And distanced from the ones we love
Isolation grew
But through despair we carried hope:
Our heavenly Father is making all things new

We see the loss, we feel the pain
Pray for those in fear
We mourn at home for friends now gone
Lament for bitter years
Our saviour’s promise to us all
Everlasting truth
A helper to sustain our hearts:
The comforting Spirit is making all things new

And in our new reality
Worship will endure
Our silent songs lift God on high
With every breathless chord
And so we lift our hearts because
His mercy has been proved
In spite of chaos, loss and fear:
Our risen redeemer is making all things new