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Once I Was Blind (Now I Believe)

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Written during the summer of 2022, with help from some fellow 12 Song Challengers. This song compares the confusion, blindness, and despair of a life without Jesus to the belief and hope that come from accepting Him. This recording features the great vocals of my friend Becky.


Verse 1
Once I was blind believing my life was complete
Illusions were dazzling me
Chasing a fictional dream
I saw a sign a light in the darkness for me
A wonderful truth to believe
Incredible love to receive

Now I see, I believe, and I trust your love for me

Jesus you conquered the darkness
You silenced the raging sea
You gave up eternal glory
Now I believe you did it for me
Jesus you carried my burden
You set this captive free
You rose from the dead as king
And now I believe You did it for me

Verse 2
There was a void an ache that I tried to conceal
A longing for love that was real
A yearning for mercy to heal
You made a choice you gave up your life to save me
You went to the cross to make peace
You died so the world could be freed