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Points To You

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Written for the 2024 12 Song Challenge, this song was inspired by the modern take on jazz by artists such as Jamie Cullum. Lyrics and vocals on the recording by the great Jimmy Orr.


Verse 1

Out of the darkness
Into a holy light
It might take a while for my eyes to adjust
And to see things with holy sight

Learning and looking
A different point of view
It seems kind of strange that these things are them same
But I see them all anew

Colours abounding
A billion shades and hues
Highlights and fades
Decorate time and space
And it all points to You…


The maker of it all
Creator and cause
All Space and time are designed
At your call
And it all points to You
All of my days
I stand amazed and my awe turns to praise
Cos it all points to You…

Verse 2

Out of the silence
The tune of Trinity
Eternally three persons perfectly dance as
One holy harmony

Eternity echoes
Your every powerful Word
You mean what you say
And you say what you mean
And when you speak you stay heard

The sound of the heavens
A sacred symphony
Every prayer is a note
That we sing and they float
As they rise up to You…