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Shine Your Light

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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The challenge in January 2022 was to write songs with multiple vocal parts. I already had the music including most of the melody for this song, and so the lyrics – as is usual for me – were the only hard bit. It turned out quite a lot more poppy than I originally intended, but overall I’m please with it, and I was honoured that they featured this song in the monthly Resound Worship podcast.


Verse 1
In darkness, our hearts were captive to the night
Waiting for the morning light
The saviour, the one who banishes the dark
Lights in us a holy spark

Turn our night into day
Make the shadows fade away
Burn in us, fan the flames
Ignite us once again

Chorus main melody
Now we lift our eyes, worship only You
We bring You all our praise
Your light has come, dawning of the truth
The King forever reigns

Chorus counter melody
We lift our eyes
King of all creation
We shout Your name
We bring You all our praise
Your light has come
Light for all the nations
We shout Your name
The King forever reigns

Verse 2
Within us, Your light illuminates the way
Shining in us every day
Forever, Your brightness fills the endless sky
Burning as a holy light

Shine Your light, shine Your light in us