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There Was A Day

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Needs recording with updated lyrics.


Verse 1
There was a day when the world was created
Everything made by the God of eternity
There was a day when we chose to betray Him
Gave in to sin and a life of captivity

Verse 2
There was a day when a baby was given
Jesus the King born in perfect humility
There was a day when He walked here among us
Knew all our pain, shared our broken humanity

So we believe in the days that are coming
Glorious days that are waiting for us
Heavenly places prepared for the ones who trust
In that day

Verse 3
There was a day when the heavens were silent
Jesus the King took the punishment meant for me
There was a day even death could not hold Him
Up from the grave He ascended in victory

Verse 4
There is a day all creation has longed for
Nature restored, every tear being wiped away
There is a day we will rise up to meet Him
Be with our King for the rest of eternal days