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We Have One Father

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Needs recording.


Verse 1
You drew us together from every race
You chose us, and called us, and poured out your grace
But sometimes we fail to live up to your call
Our hearts are too hard and our vision is too small

We have one Father, one faith we confess
We have one Saviour, one hope we profess
We have one Spirit, one author of life
We are one body, the church of the risen Christ

Verse 2
Our actions do not let your unity flow
We harbour division and reap what we sow
But we are your children, sisters and brothers
So let us be known by our love for each other

Verse 3
In every person is treasure concealed
And through all our weakness your strength is revealed
God pour out your grace let our harmony sing
So we can bring glory to Jesus Christ our king