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We Will Go (We Have Gathered)

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  • 12 Song Challenge
  • Dedication
  • Praise

Songwriters: Chris Taylor, Jimmy Orr

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Here is a recording of a simple arrangement:

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A collaboration with the fantastic Jimmy Orr for the 12 Song Challenge, this is a really upbeat funky track that can be done in a dance style or as a more acoustic song.


We have gathered and worshipped you
In Spirit and in truth
Offered adoration
Our minds and hearts renewed
We are family in this place
We’re anchored in your grace
Building our foundations
Upon the rock of Faith

We will go with the power of the Spirit in us
To live our lives for Jesus
We will go and we'll show Your amazing love
To change the world for Jesus
Where we go we'll live for you, we'll speak the truth:
Your kingdom is breaking through
We will go with the power of the Spirit in us
You're always with us Jesus

Everyone has a part to play
We humbly walk your way
This is faith in action
Our worship everyday
Though we’re swimming against the tide
It's not by strength or might
But by his compassion
We'll stand for what is right

We, we will go
In the flow
Of the Spirit in us
We, we will change
Change the world for Jesus