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When We Sing

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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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An upbeat song written for the 12 Song Challenge, where the writers were asked to create songs which specifically mentioned the physical body. This song is based on the postures and physical actions that we might use during a church service, looking at the reasons we use those postures and actions.

Verse 4 on the recording was done slower, and in a time signature of 6/8. However, this is not necessary – verse 4 can be done using the standard melody in 4/4, but with suitable musical treatment to accompany the more sombre words.


Verse 1
When we sing we sing to Jesus, raise our voices and our hands
For He came to live among us; fully God and fully man

Verse 2
When we stand we stand in wonder at this ever-loving grace
We are saved by faith in Jesus standing in the sinners' place

God You made us as we are, loved us as we grew
Every cell and every part we dedicate to You

Verse 3
When we shout we shout Your praises with the breath that's in our lungs
And we'll never stop rejoicing - we have only just begun

Verse 4
When we kneel we kneel in honour, we remember all He's done
For he raised us up forgiven through the mercy of the Son

Verse 5
We will lift our hands in worship when we stand in Heaven's light
For the nail-marks on the Saviour show His perfect sacrifice

Final chorus
God our Father made us all, every one unique
He's prepared a glorious home where we'll be made complete