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You Have Been Good To Us

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  • Dedication
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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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This simple song of gratitude and hope was written in late 2021.


Verse 1
You have been good to us throughout our lives
Even in troubled times You're by our side
Darkness may come and go
Still we will always know Your light

Verse 2
You are the faithful one, always the same
Drawing us back to You, calling our names
Though we may fail and fall
You will be there through all the pain

So we will worship
Willingly give our hearts
Father of all, take every part of us
Jesus our Saviour
Bought us with precious blood
You have been good to us

Verse 3
One day we'll see Your face, fall at Your throne
Thank You for all You've done bringing us home
Endlessly we will sing
Glory to You our King alone