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Your Voice

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  • 12 Song Challenge
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Songwriters: Chris Taylor

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Here is a recording of a simple arrangement:

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The final challenge of the 2021 12 Song Challenge was to emulate the Bethel Music style. The Bethel group are, along with Hillsong, one of the primary writers of modern worship music. Their songs are marked by a single strong theme, simple chords, and memorable melodies. The wonderful voice of Chloe Rose appears on this recording.

Chloe also put together this lyric video:


Verse 1
Your voice, so strong You spoke a word and stars began to shine
You give all life a song
Your voice, so true Your word will last beyond the end of time
We hear and we're renewed

Pre-chorus 1
And your voice is the sound of many waters
The sound of your voice will bring us life

I will listen when you call listen when you call to me
I'll follow where you lead
I will dedicate my heart set myself apart to be
Who you called me to be

Verse 2
Your voice, so pure the wind and waves bow down at your command
In you we feel secure
Your voice, so warm You comfort those whose hearts are far from land
We will not fear the storm

Pre-chorus 2
And your voice is the one we long to follow
A heavenly sound to lead us home

Your voice, a gentle whisper to my heart
With tender words of peace
Your voice, eternal truth to guide my path
I pray you speak to me
Your voice is comfort in the darkest night
You chase away despair
Your voice, in you my every need supplied
No other voice compares