CSSReboot – the official start of summer…

You know that summer is really coming when things start to change appearance. The trees turn green, the hedges thicken up, flowers start to bloom and hundreds of websites get redesigned. What? Yes, it’s true – a new site design is one of the harbingers of the summer. So grab a beer, light the barbecue, and check out CSSReboot.com.

Blog/GMail mixup…

Well, well, well. I wondered a couple of months ago if something like this was possible, and apparently it is. Using the libgmailer library it connects to your GMail account and uses starred emails as posts, and replies to those emails as comments. Very, very clever. And, of course, it opens up lots of possibilities.

There’s also a demo for you to see how quick it is. Well done to Jonathan Hernandez, this looks excellent. I’m going to be downloading and playing.

And I’ll soon have an announcement to make here regarding a little utility I’ve been working on. Watch this space.

It’s late. Turn it off….

I’m a relaxed and easy-going guy, but when I’ve had a busy and hard week and want to go to sleep it doesn’t help that certain people play dance music far, FAR too loud into the early hours of the morning. Hopefully, and I hope this with every fibre of my being, that we find a new house quickly, as this is becoming unbearable.

Update: the neighbours have been round to complain and threaten calling the police. And I completely agree with them. No-one should have to live with this.

Wide, wide as the ocean……

Width is important, especially if you need some new trousers. It’s just as important when you’re designing websites, as there are a huge variety of different width screen resolutions out there. Fortunately I don’t think there are too many people using the now-consigned-to-history 640×480 pixels resolution. Hurrah! We can design sites for a decent width screen! Let’s quietly ignore the fact that, increasingly, people are accessing websites using mobile phones and palm computers with a width of under 300 pixels.

I think most web designers will agree with me that 800×600 pixels is a good benchmark to make a site work in. It’s cited as being the lowest screen resolution in common use at the moment. So that makes it all the more interesting why some web designers are creating sites that only work correctly – by which I mean not having horizontal scroll bars – in 1024×768 pixels or higher? M’lud, exhibit one. While you could argue that, as a site specifically for geeks, that the average screen resolution may be higher than for a “normal” person, it’s still an interesting shift in the thinking of designers.

Perhaps we’re heading for a watershed, where 1024×768 becomes the dominant resolution. In which case the difference between a site served to a screen at that resolution and a mobile device will be much more marked. Where will things go from there? Who knows – in two years time we may all be using computers with a 3D interface rather than a screen.

In the meantime I think this may be a good solution to that old problem of making things look good at different resolutions. There’s a much easier explanation here. Hopefully I’ll get some time to experiment with that, although I’m still undecided whether I’m joining in the CSS Reboot. I guess you’ll find out on May 1st.