South by Southwest festival is under way, and while seeing people such as Mavis Staples and Robert Plant waffle on about music, the thing that really makes me want to be there is the interactive conference. Featuring their prestigious web awards, the web and blog world glitterati are there in their droves. All listening to techy highbrows such as Molly Holzschlag, Jeffry Zeldman, Andy Budd, Eric Meyer and Cameron Moll. In fact there are more web geeks there than you can shake a stick at.

So, to everyone there, have a good time. Maybe one day I’ll make it.

Form help…

You know sometimes you have a big form on a page and you want to save all the details into the database/file using a receiving page? It’s a pain to go through and check you’ve got every variable sent from the form in the receiving page. Well, no more!

for each itemname in request.Form
response.write itemname & ” = request.form(“”” & itemname & “””)


Just paste that ASP/VBScript code snippet into the top of the receiving page and it will show all the form variables in a neat list in the browser, ready for copying and pasting into the source code. Just modify it to get the GET variables, or add a function (such as protectDB() or something).

It just saved me 10+ minutes of painful copying and pasting :0)

Music was my first love…

While that’s true, it’s also pretty cheesy. So I won’t dwell on it. What I will dwell on, however, is the marvellous 3hive music website which has alerted me to many hitherto-unknown artists. If anyone knows of similar sites please get in touch via the “comments” thingy below.

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