If you’ve ever wanted to add banners to your website pages and easily manage them, this is the plugin for you. BannerMan adds a banner either to the top or bottom of every page containing your banner text. You can also add HTML, and you can even style your banners easily with CSS.

There are lots of options, including:

  • Show the banner either at the top or bottom of evey page
  • Allow visitors to close the banner
  • Allow visitors to not see the banner (if they have closed it) for a certain number of days
  • Animate the showing and hiding of the banner
  • Automatically load a new banner after a certain number of seconds
  • Ability to save custom CSS for styling your banners

There are no limits to the number of banner texts you can save, and the banner does not rely on any other plugins, scripts or libraries so can be used anywhere.


Latest version: Download BannerMan v0.2.4 [zip]


Search for ‘BannerMan’ in the ‘Add Plugin’ page and install the plugin from the list. Activate it and you’ll be able to manage your banners from the ‘BannerMan’ link under ‘Settings’.


Q. Why did you write this plugin?
A. My good friend Dave asked if I could help him do something similar for his site (he does cartoons for churches) and I wrapped it up in a plugin. Hopefully this is useful to other people.

Q. Why the name ‘BannerMan’?
A. Two reasons. Firstly it is a neat name for this plugin. Secondly it is a small homage to one of my favourite songwriters, Steve Taylor who wrote a song called ‘BannerMan’ about the people that hold up banners displaying Biblical verses at sporting events. Also Dave, of fame, looks more than a little like Steve.

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