Personal Welcome

Personal welcome is a WordPress/MultiSite/BuddyPress plugin that lists newly registered users, and allows site administrators to send them a personalised welcome message. The welcome messages are based on templates which you can write yourself (as many templates as you like). Once a message is sent that user won’t appear again.

There are four extra management features:

  • The ability to set all users as having been sent a welcome message (an easy way to bulk remove everyone from the list, for example when the plugin is first installed)
  • The ability to search for a user and send them a welcome message
  • The ability to set the new user as being spam
  • The ability to set the new user and all their blogs as spam

Of course, the templates don’t have to be just for welcoming people – they could contain FAQs, help information or anything else.

The plugin also makes use of the __() function to allow for easy translation.


Latest version: Download Personal Welcome v0.3.7 [zip]


The plugin hould be installed from the WordPress plugin repository and activated. The menu item will then appear under “Super Admin” menu when using MultiSite, and under the “Users” menu when uing standard WordPress.


Q. Why did you write this plugin?
A. To scratch my own itch when developing and Hopefully this plugin helps other developers too.


0.3.7 (2013/05/29)

0.3.6 (2011/03/05)

0.3.5 (2011/03/01)

0.3.4 (2011/02/11)






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