Monthly Archives: April 2007

HTML mastery

Nathan Smith, himself no slouch when it comes to things webby, is recommending a new book by Paul Haine entitled HTML Mastery. If the title and premise are anything to go by this, as Nathan rightly says should be required reading for everyone involved in building websites. You see, it all comes down to the… Read more »

Once you pop

There’s been another little development over at the Performer academy. If you want to create popup windows (yes, Popups Are Bad, I know) then you can now do so in an unobtrusive way using Performer. Because I realise that the prototype framework that Performer runs on is quite large (over 30Kb event when compressed and… Read more »

Microsoft, the web, and lots of long words

Microsoft have long been seen as the enemy of The True Web ™, and to be honest they haven’t always been on the ball when it comes to Internet developments. However perhaps all that is to change. This particularly intrigues me: Later this year, it will offer Live CRM, a Microsoft-hosted, subscription-based version of its… Read more »