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Collection of web dev links

I send myself interesting web development links I find, with the intention to do some further research and enhance my uber-skills. It never works out. So instead here’s a list of links I’ve sent myself over the last few months (newest at the top) which I’ve not had chance to look at properly: BBC releases… Read more »

One month on

No much to report from the People’s Republic of Yorkshire, although it’s been a busy old few weeks.Here’s a quick list of things I’ve been doing: Fixed a bug in my WordPress MU secure invitation plugin, which is now at the grand stage of version 0.1. Started to redesign this site thanks to a cracking… Read more »

On Achieving RSS Reader Zero

I remember back a while ago when I first clicked that link saying “Mark all as read” in Bloglines. Yes, I still use Bloglines. I will change to Google Reader at some point, I’m sure. Anyway, clicking that link seemed a big deal. What if I missed something important, interesting or funny? Would I be… Read more »


I’m not sure about this, but if it works at all I’ll be mightily impressed: Looking at the HTML code of the homepage it seems to lack a certain amount of semanticity (is that a word?) but it’s not quite the forest of <div> elements I expected.