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Useful neo-marketing websites

I've had a few conversations recently about neo-marketing, an emerging way to communicate between businesses and people (or people and people, businesses and businesses, anyone really). I even twisted it to apply to emerging churches. After one of these conversations I put together a list of useful neo-marketing online resources. Well, strictly they are really…

HTML is still where it’s at

I just read a ridiculous thing at NetworkWorld about the "demise" of HTML skills. It's in the conext of an article discussing "5 IT skills that won’t boost your salary". I'll quote the passage and highlight the relevent parts to save your eyeballs from being assailed by their ad-heavy pages: Technical skills may never die,…

The Open Source Car

OK, it's not quite open source but it is a worldwide community effort to design a car that will actually be good for the world. Looks like a fantastic idea: Vehicle Design Summit.