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Making the ShopTalk Show theme tune

I’m a regular listener to the ShopTalk Show podcast, a really great show about web design and development hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. A couple of years ago, not long after the show started, I offered Chris and Dave a very rough piece of music as a theme tune, and they’ve been using… Read more »

Wow! Caching is the cure for what ails yer!

I run a site which has been performing very badly recently – lots of crashes, memory exceptions and the like. It’s hosted by the wonderful Dreamhost and I contacted them to see what the problem was. Basically the site was using too much memory. Ho hum. So I took a quick look around and found… Read more »

New BeatsBase mix widget

I’m currently working on a widget for, the social networking and mix hosting site I developed for my friend and client Robbie a couple of years ago. The widget will allow you to have a Radio BeatsBase player on your website, just like this: That one shows the latest mixes added to the site,… Read more »

Useful neo-marketing websites

I’ve had a few conversations recently about neo-marketing, an emerging way to communicate between businesses and people (or people and people, businesses and businesses, anyone really). I even twisted it to apply to emerging churches. After one of these conversations I put together a list of useful neo-marketing online resources. Well, strictly they are really… Read more »