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Technical Credit

There’s a well-known concept in programming that refers to the negative effects poorly-made decisions can have on the quality of software over time: Technical Debt. The Wikipedia article gives some examples of the causes and the consequences of technical debt. This financial analogy is a useful one, as it nicely describes the long-term impact of… Read more »

Bad, good and great programmers

A recent tweet by Cory House started my brain a-twitching: One of my new favourite interview questions: What is the difference between a bad, good and great programmer? Which are you and why? I’ve worked with all three kinds, and thinking about the question of what the differences are I realised (not for the first… Read more »

Blog highlights

I enjoyed myself with this trip through my blogging history, but I guess something you’d like to see is some highlights of what I’ve written about. Here’s the greatest hits of (in my opinion, of course). My very first (geek) post Back in 2004 I wrote an intranet system that supported themes! My first… Read more »

Useful neo-marketing websites

I’ve had a few conversations recently about neo-marketing, an emerging way to communicate between businesses and people (or people and people, businesses and businesses, anyone really). I even twisted it to apply to emerging churches. After one of these conversations I put together a list of useful neo-marketing online resources. Well, strictly they are really… Read more »

Confessions of a compulsive view-sourcer

Hi, my name’s Chris and I’m a compulsive view-sourcer. I’ve been a compulsive view-sourcer for several years, but most of the time I keep it to myself and try not to let it affect my family and friends. Sometimes I have a bad episode and then I feel guilty afterwards. Those bad episodes are happening… Read more »