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Missing the important stuff

A few days ago I found out a very good friend of mine had died several months ago. I hadn’t heard about it and, of course, I had missed his funeral. It was very upsetting news, especially because I had found out so long after the fact. His passing had been announced on Facebook, but… Read more »

Blog highlights

I enjoyed myself with this trip through my blogging history, but I guess something you’d like to see is some highlights of what I’ve written about. Here’s the greatest hits of (in my opinion, of course). My very first (geek) post Back in 2004 I wrote an intranet system that supported themes! My first… Read more »

I’ve been certified

It’s been a good week, for several reasons. One of them is that I passed a Microsoft exam: Developing web apps in .Net 4. That means I am now (drum roll) a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. I’ve been building websites for 14 years, give or take, so it’s about time I had some kind of… Read more »

I’m an uncle

I’ve been a dad for over 16 years, but I’ve just become an uncle for the first time.