Year end

So, the end of 2019 looms. It’s been a good year in general for me, with continued employment (always a bonus) and important family events happening. I got to visit “our” village in France again for the first time in several years, this time entirely by train.

Looking back on this blog, however, I’m not so happy. I thought it was about this time last year I decided to (try) to go full IndieWeb, but was slightly shocked to see it was January 2018. Where have the last 2 years gone?

Likewise my decision last May to strip this site back to just HTML and ‘design in the open’ resulted in just one thing: someone contacting me to ask if the site was broken. You’ll see there’s a bit more colour and layout implemented now, but a long way to go. And my skills – or rather, lack of skill – as a designer is painfully obvious.

So here’s to 2020. May I find more time to spend on this site, blogging about the many things I’ve been learning. Because, I have to admit it, I really miss the old days when I would blog more.