Roll up, roll up…

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the most amazing show this side of the firewall! The star of our show is none other than Chris Taylor, now Officially a member of The Guild of Accessible Web Designers!

That’s right, I was inducted (don’t ask about the ceremony, it was embarrasing to say the least, and left me badly chafed) recently and can now display this logo with pride over any part of my body:

The Guild of Accessible Web Designers logo

So I’m wearing it proudly on my … sleeve :0)

Other attractions in the show include (some of these are thanls to the great M@):

– A motley travelling band of web developers who, in village halls up and down the country, will, in front of a *live* audience, code up a rudimentary CRM application in a matter of hours without the aid of a safety net!
– A daredevil riding on a single-class Javascript application high above a pit of ravenous syntax-checkers!
– A troup of animated GIFs doing the can-can
– Chris himself taming the dangerous and wild Internet Explorer beast
– The hilarious Peekaboo Bug Brothers
– The beautiful and mysterious world of Madame CSS
– A juggler simultaneously keeping 4 browsers in the air, all rendering a single page in completely different ways?
– A lightly greased contortionist extricating himself from a web of Visual-Studio-generated HTML?
– The amazing disappearing !

And for the finale? A thousand abstract base classes released to gently float down onto the audience….. Imagine the gasps!

So what are you waiting for? Tickets are on sale now!