WordPress MU plugin: Secure invites

I’ve just released a new project – in fact my very first public WordPress MU plugin. As I’ve been working with WordPress MU for a number of years it’s about time I gave something back.

Anyway, the plugin does what it says on the tin. It restricts signups only to people who have been invited. There are a few configuration options, and a page showing some invitation statistics. See more details on the secure invites plugin here.

You can download the plugin from wpmudev.org. As it’s a beta version I expect there to be bugs, so please enter any problems, questions or suggestions you may have below. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Chris 🙂

    I don’t want you to feel like I’m stalking you about this, but you haven’t been back on the Buddypress site in a few days and I really need help.

    We “spoke” back and forth about the addition of a referral code system, where each member has a unique code that, if a new member enters into a field on registration, causes the new signup to be counted to the existing member’s tally of successful invites. Is this a really difficult and involved addition to the plugin? Is there ANY way we could get an update to include it by Aug. 1? (Pretty pretty please?)

    Also, I haven’t been able to get into the Settings or Special Users screens of the plugin after I updated to the newest version that came out a few days ago. All that I get when clicking either button is ”Cannot load secure_invite_list.” I think I have things configured fine, so this is actually less urgent an issue in my case than the addition of the referral code feature.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’ve just installed this plug in but the “Invite Friends” link doesn’t exist in the Dashboard panel.
    I am using wordpress 3.0.1

  3. Hi Chris,
    I have a problem with the “invite a friend” button on the buddypress pages ( I placed it att the top of every page). When I log in as ADMIN there is no problem it works fine. However when I log in as a regular USER (subscriber, contributor, author, etc.) the ” invite a friend” button does not show up.
    I am using wordpress 3.0.1 and buddypress

    Can you help me?

  4. I’m using Mingle instead of BuddyPress for my community. As an admin, I can invite users, however is there a way to incorporate the invitation form on a user level?

  5. Hi Chris!

    Thank you in advance!

    Great Work on this plugin, it works almost flawlessly in conjunction with “Members Only” plugin.

    I am using the latest version of your plug-in and the latest version of WP with PHP 5.

    I am having a problem with other users inviting their friends. I am currently testing a WordPress site and when I invite a user, then log on as that user, I am not able to send invites from that users account. I have the plug-in set as: “Signup is just for invited people, and all users can invite as many people as they like”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  6. I am having the same problem. As an admin, the invites are delivered to the invitee and everything works great. But as a subscriber, the invitations are shown as sent but these are never delivered to the invitees. The invites by admin are sent from the dashboard and the invites by subscriber from the front end. I tested it on two different hosting services but the problem is the same on each one of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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