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Useful neo-marketing websites

I’ve had a few conversations recently about neo-marketing, an emerging way to communicate between businesses and people (or people and people, businesses and businesses, anyone really). I even twisted it to apply to emerging churches. After one of these conversations I put together a list of useful neo-marketing online resources. Well, strictly they are really… Read more »

The truth about cartooning

A few days ago I was in a bookshop and saw my good friend Dave’s book on the shelf. It was filed inder ‘Humour’, which is more or less correct. However a closer look revealed what the owners of the shop really think about this book: It’s prophecy.

When machines bite back…

I love seeing computer error messages in public places. The best is obviously blue screen of death which I’ve seen more than once on monitors at a local shopping centre. However this is a first for me: Can you guess where it is yet? No? OK, I’ll tell. It was a screen on board this… Read more »