Collection of web dev links

I send myself interesting web development links I find, with the intention to do some further research and enhance my uber-skills. It never works out. So instead here’s a list of links I’ve sent myself over the last few months (newest at the top) which I’ve not had chance to look at properly:

  1. BBC releases a JavaScript library:
  2. Google web code optimizer, not sure what this is:
  3. Easily embed video in web pages:
  4. PHP security tips:
  5. CSS3 cheat sheet:
  6. Build apps without any code:
  7. Best free WordPress themes:
  8. Beautiful free icons:
  9. Anothernew JavaScript library:
  10. Handle dates in JavaScript:
  11. Diagnosing technical issues with SEO:
  12. LiberKey, massive collection of portable apps:
  13. Great add-ons for FireBug:
  14. Create charts with JavaScript:
  15. SEO toolkit for IIS:
  16. Gmail/Facebook style chat:
  17. Get visitor geographic location with Google JavaScript API:
  18. Growing social networks:
  19. jQuery performance rules:
  20. Free screen recording apps:
  21. WYSIWYG for jQuery:
  22. Find alternatives to commercial apps: