Short notice, but I have a week of availability next week (28th June – 2nd July). If you’d like me to do some software development consultancy, a performance or accessibility review of your website, get in touch! #ForHire #WebDev #Accessibility #WebPerformance

RT @gerrymcgovern: “It’s important to highlight just how much a megabyte is, how much potential it has. The fact that webpages are three megabytes is huge because most webpages are not doing that much. For typical webpage, there’s no good reason why it shouldn’t be under a megabyte.” @eatwholegrain

RT @casparhubinger: Yesterday at #WCEU, I had a brief conversation on contributing to open source as a company. I referred to #sustainability as an approach to doing business which embeds but also goes beyond the environmental aspects of the term. Let me try and connect a few dots… ?

“Use a JavaScript library!” they said. “It’s the modern way!” they said. Shout out to the e-commerce system which currently does not work due to thousands of these errors. #ProgressiveEnhancement