RT @mattmay: Big “NOBODY TOLD US” energy surrounding the Domino’s decision today. ADA became law in 1990. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines came out in 1999, and were updated in 2008 and 2018. If you didn’t know by now: THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It’s not too late to do better.

RT @CoralineAda: “The time has come to reclaim authority over what it means to develop software in the open without compromising our ethics or ideals. This is the beginning of the era of Ethical Source Software.” 93 words defining a revolution in open source. https://t.co/SiTiVsc4xo

RT @scottjehl: ASPIRE is a nice acronym for a set of web practices to uh, aim for what’s the word I’m looking for here oh yes right. Accessible Secure Performant Inclusive Responsive Ethical https://t.co/NplBAodTJB