RT @ambrwlsn90: I find it fascinating, and beautiful even, that no matter what tech stack/libraries we use, everyone’s goal is creating markup – the thing that allows us to use the web. I’m always surprised how some don’t care very much how markup is structured. #html #a11y #accessibilitymatters

RT @mor10: The central promise of the World Wide Web is to make content accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a browser able to render HTML, and letting individual people choose how they want that content rendered. That’s what makes the web powerful: #accessibility #a11y

RT @WebDevLaw: Manchester digital agencies! @mwug needs a sponsor. @mikelittlezed1 is currently paying £120 per month out of his own pocket for room rental for the monthly meetups. And that’s so incredibly wrong , for so many reasons.

RT @HTTPArchive: Images do tend to make up most of the page weight, but byte-for-byte _JavaScript_ is responsible for a disproportionately large amount of a site’s slow performance. Between download, parse, and execute, the effects of unoptimized JS are far-reaching. https://t.co/PPUBEEVWut

RT @mrchrisadams: Heather has a good point here. I wish more devs would take more responsibility about who they choose to be paid extremely well to work for and enable, and we had norms to expect this of each other professionally. https://t.co/4Vl11e7qzQ