RT @tomskitomski: Advice to teams building new coronavirus services: 1) Get a 4 year-old Android phone, and use it as your test/demo device. 2) https://t.co/gzM5oROGOf is your friend. 3) Full React isn’t your friend if it makes your service slow & inaccessible Remember: This is for everyone.

RT @aneventapart: Normally, we release AEA session videos gradually throughout the year, but these aren’t normal times. So as of now, we’ve published the 12 remaining sessions from #AEADC 2019. So pop that popcorn, sink into your chair, and enjoy these 17 free videos. https://t.co/j82I30o8sY

RT @meyerweb: If you are in charge of a health-related web site, or a utility web site, or any site that has information people need right now: MAKE IT STATIC. As much as you can, convert pages to static HTML/CSS. Yes, even that part.