RT @codepo8: ?? “Never feel ashamed to start with a traditional (boring) stack – you may be the one launching a great project, while others still set up there build scripts.” ? https://t.co/QoZszmH3P2

RT @noopkat: we talk about our tools to death because yes, they’re important. They are what helps us build these services. But I want 2020 to be the year that conversation expands (more than now) to “but does this tool actually make an impact on the quality of our end-user experiences?”

This admirably puts into words what I’ve been feeling – and observing – for several years. The worst part? To think and speak like this is considered controversial. https://t.co/FKqIjLpaxl

RT @yessshir: As part of my MA thesis, I’ve designed The Designated Dissenter, a card game designed to help creators start conversations about the impact of tech. #designethics #techethics #digitalethics https://t.co/WpAD0PnSjW https://t.co/48SOnI12fc

RT @feather: This x1000 — especially when we’re talking about customers with disabilities, who have faced way too many apologies from customer support teams. Also note: any number of apologies for accessibility related things is too many. #a11y #accessibility #CustomerExperience https://t.co/AExS6FXBo1