RT @LeaVerou: Every foo and bar in technical documentation or slides is a wasted opportunity. It fails to illustrate WHY what you’re talking about is useful, what for, and to get your audience to relate. Nobody relates to foo and bar. People relate to use cases.

RT @jaffathecake: The server and client render should not be 1:1. Don’t render buttons on the server that require JS to work. Don’t ship code to the client that simply repeats what the server has already done.

RT @UKParliament: Today we’ve made some big changes to the https://t.co/FUWoo3iWOr homepage. For the first time, our homepage ?? is mobile responsive ?? has a modern look and feel ?? has improved accessibility features for users using screen readers https://t.co/IUr8nc4Awt

RT @WebDevLaw: Spare a thought for the UK wonks who are reviewing today’s EU digital strategy on how to create a strong, supportive, rights-based web which benefits society, as our break from reviewing UK plans to create a darkened, surveiled, and restricted web which controls society.