RT @slightlylate: …and that’s assuming your problem is on the backend, which, 9 times in 10, it isn’t. Badly loading fonts or bundling far too much JS can have effects that are orders of magnitude larger than your DB tail latency issues. https://t.co/TDTKb3ibJN

RT @WebDevLaw: We’re very proud to bring you our #GE2019 collaborative manifesto, where we explored policy issues impacting entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, and tech & digital businesses. My beat is internet regulation, of course. Read, reflect, and share. https://t.co/m2qylXe6H2

RT @_ericelliott: Technical debt is not created all at once. It’s the accumulation of many small shortcuts over time. A few extra minutes early on could save hours or days of maintenance over time.