RT @davewalker: A new version of my ‘Where the church is’ cartoon. This drawing is free for churches and individuals to reuse – details and high-resolution file: https://t.co/bS4FAPhitA https://t.co/JzLkRsW4DJ

RT @solobasssteve: Loading up my @Bandcamp wishlist ahead of Friday’s #BandcampDay – they’re waiving all of their revenue share for the whole day, so artists get all the money. So, if you want to help musicians, #SalesNotStreams is the way forward. Head to https://t.co/0W0nSk5X0i to get with it.

Heather is one of the few people doing this vital work. If your company has a stake in the web I suggest you find a way to support her before you say “oh no, look what’s happened” https://t.co/wXfVkjRa46