I missed this when Heather first shared it. You should not make my mistake; this is vital reading for anyone involved in the making of software. #development #software #webdev https://t.co/Ko2hKUtWeu

Last week I did a talk: “Building Resilient Websites”. If you’re involved in making websites please take a look, slides and video are available here: https://t.co/Ly3u7YBmJO Quotes and data from @slightlylate , @adactio, @AaronGustafson, @tkadlec, @NNgroup and many more

The Almanac is consistently a treasure trove of facts featuring the very best thinkers and doers of the web. Maybe @csswizardry wants to tackle performance? Put some Yorkshire in it. https://t.co/iJJerD5jAY