RT @WebDevLaw: New post: If you are a full time privacy professional in law or academia, you need to understand that one of your fundamental beliefs about online privacy is wrong. Includes nominative determinism free of charge. https://t.co/76fwFHY7ti

RT @MiriSuzanne: The central goal of CSS was to give us “authors” INPUT without giving us any CONTROL. The original proposal refers to CSS as “HINTS & SUGGESTIONS” which the user & browser are allowed to override or ignore. HTML is similar. That’s a political stance, & remains controversial.

RT @slightlylate: Folks ask which framework to pick and my answer is always the same: have a performance budget and management support to block launches on bad perf. Next, default to processing on the server or at build time. Lastly, and only if you must, adopt lightweight client-side tools. https://t.co/3Far8MSPgb