RT @sstephenson: If you think that sounds like the web of 25 years ago, you’re right! Except the HEY front-end stack progressively enhances the “classic web” to work like the “2020 web,” with all the fidelity you’d expect from a well-built SPA.

Thanks to @Fruition_IT for asking me to give a talk on “Building Resilient Websites”. I managed to include Shakespeare, Bob the Builder and Milli Vanilli. Video here: https://t.co/DtXV90bCth Quotes from @adactio, @AaronGustafson, @brucel, @codepo8, @tkadlec and more

RT @BretDevereaux: Statues are back in the news; I suppose I ought say something about statues, because I’m a historian and people keep saying that statues are about ‘remembering history.’ Folks, statues are not about remembrance, they are about commemoration; not teaching, but moralizing. 1/22