Some code … and news…

I had an email yesterday from a French journalist (salut, cava?) via the great Dave asking if they could feature this very Wiblog, among others including Dave’s, in a publication about the different types of blogging. I forget what the publication is called, I will post that when I get back to my emails. I found this very strange because a) this blog is pretty geeky, and therefore boring to many, b) I am by no means a talented writer and c) this blog has only been live for a week. It’s a strange world. I’ll see if one of my friends in France can get a copy of the magazine for me, as it would be nice to read what they say about blogging in general, and in particular.

So, the code. I do want to make a regular feature of this blog little code snippets that may be as useful to you as they have been to me. Last time (see the entry from the 23rd October 2004) I posted quite a large chunck of code. So large, in fact, that there are bound to be errors in it. So this time, I was going to give you something a little smaller, but just as useful.

However due to technical difficulties (ironic, I know) I can’t. I’ll make sure I set something up that allows me to post code easily, but for the time being this blog will be PHP codeless. Ah well, that’s the life of a coder.